About Us


The Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) advances the quality of healthcare by optimizing the experience and process of healthcare communication.

We accomplish this by:


  1. Creating and disseminating innovative educational programs and services
  2. Advocating for the importance of communication as an essential aspect of healthcare
  3. Engaging in collaborative research on communication in healthcare
  4. Partnering with other leading organizations that share our vision

IHC services benefit:

  • Hospitals, group practices and other healthcare organizations who want their patients to have better and more satisfying health outcomes by providing patient-centered care;
  • Charitable foundations that wish to serve their communities by improving healthcare delivery to patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses;
  • Risk managers and medical malpractice insurers who want to lower the risk of lawsuits arising from poor communication between clinicians and patients (the single largest factor in newly filed actions);
  • Healthcare¬†researchers whose area of study involves clinicians who need to initiate new, novel, or unfamiliar topics with their patients;
  • Clinicians and other healthcare professionals in human and veterinary medicine who recognize that patients/clients and clinicians are more satisfied when good communication guides the encounter.

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